Our Wine

Wines at Walnut Street Winery for every tasteCheck out our wine list. There’s 20 different varieties–something for everyone. We make fine wines in small batches using the best raw materials available from some of the best vineyards all over the world. If you want a great Pinot Noir, then you better use the best grape juices and concentrates from California, Oregon, or Washington. What about a wonderful glass of Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon? This wine can be made from juices and con-centrates that come from fine grapes grown in France. Our suppliers can ship us the materials to make wines from where the best grapes are grown – from Australia, California, New Zealand, Spain, Germany, France, Argentina, Italy, and more. The end result is great tasting wine made in Rochester, Illinois that will taste like a wine made from where the grape was grown. Below is a list of our wines.
Walnut Street Winery Fortuna“Fortuna” This dry, red wine’s name is the Roman Goddess of Luck. Fortuna is in honor of our Video Game Room. The wine is made from the Italian Brunello grape which is the same as the Sangiovese grape. Fortuna is a great wine to enjoy with a fine pasta dish or pizza. Walnut Street Winery Rosie Red“Rosie Red” Blackberry Merlot, Luscious black blackberry flavor and full fruit aroma enhance this delightful merlot. This sweet wine is named in honor of the owner’s mother. Walnut Street Winery Blackjack“Blackjack” Raspberry Pinot Noir, The classic Pinot Noir with luscious berry flavors and aromas, nice wine to consume with cheese or chocolates. Walnut Street Winery Crantastic“Crantastic” Cranberry Shiraz, Slightly sweet, slightly tannic, with a cranberry bouquet; gently complemented with the spicy characteristics of Shiraz.
Walnut Street Winery D.E.M.“D.E.M” (Delicious Every Moment) Pink Grapefruit Blush, Natural fruit flavors, distinct aromas and grape characters are enhanced with a tangy blast of natural pink grapefruit to provide a refreshing, thirst-quenching wine. Walnut Street Winery G.O.P.“G.O.P.” (Grapes Only Party) Pink Grapefruit Blush, Natural fruit flavors, distinct aromas and grape characters are enhanced with a tangy blast of natural pink grapefruit to provide a refreshing, thirst-quenching wine. Walnut Street Just Peachy“Just Peachy” Peach Chardonnay, Delicious Chardonnay is enhanced with the juicy flavor of ripe, fresh peaches. This sweet wine is bursting with peach aroma and a surprising lightness on the palate. Walnut Street Winery Applelicious“Applelicious” Green Apple Riesling, Bright green apple flavor blended with a crisp Riesling create a de-licious light and sweet wine with the wonderful smell of fresh picked apples.
Walnut Street Winery Tropical Breeze“Tropical Breeze”  Viognier Tropical Fruit, This is a delicious fruity wine. You may think you are somewhere near a tropical beach surrounded by an orange grove when you drink this wine. Walnut Street Winery Razzle Dazzle“Razzle Dazzle” Bursting with rich, intense flavors and aromas, supported by a racy zing of bright raspberry, giving way to luscious liquid chocolate; long, rich finish. Walnut Street Winery Pinot Noir“Pinot Noir” Silky tannins carry notes of truffle, toast, herbs, cassis, black cherry, raspberry and black spice. Restrained toasty oak and balanced acidity make for a creamy smooth dry red. Walnut Street Just Metlot“Merlot” This is dry and medium bodied red wine with a soft supple, fruity palate of plums and berries. This is a nice wine to enjoy with all kinds of food.
Walnut Street Winery Zinfandel“Zinfandel” Some call Zinfandel the American grape, even though it’s not from America. During Prohibition, Zinfandel was the favored grape for communion wine, which is why so many old vines are still around today. Big fruit flavors and smooth tannins are also typical of Zinfandel. Walnut Street Winery Shiraz“Shiraz” A deep flavourful red wine with notes of raspberry, black cherries, figs, dark chocolate and a jamminess that finishes with a peppery spice. Walnut Street Winery Big Daddy Red“Big Daddy Red” This Malbec wine carries a velvety texture with long soft flavors. Although it ages beautifully, firm tannins and mellow acidity allow it to be enjoyed young. Enjoy with any BBQ. Walnut Street Just Pinto Grigio“Pinot Grigio” Fresh aromas and flavors of crisp citrus with a hint of tart apple and a pleasing floral note. This wine has a great finish of refreshing crispness.
Walnut Street Winery Riesling“Riesling” The lively golden hue reveals a combination of floral notes and apple crispness with hints of passion fruit. The long finish and medium body makes a great off-dry wine for sipping. Walnut Street Winery Chardonnay“Chardonnay” Supple and slightly buttery, extremely versatile with foods, serve with grilled pork, chicken, fish, salads and cream-based pasta sauces. Walnut Street Winery Sauvignon Blanc“Sauvignon Blanc” A light to medium-bodied, crisp and refreshing white wine with notable acidity. From herbal taste sensations to veggie, and from flavors of grass, hay and mineral tones to a citrus and tropical flavor mix. Walnut Street Winery Cabernet Sauvignon“Cabernet Sauvignon” Full-bodied with bold tannins, blackberry and dark cherry flavors are complemented by oak and vanilla. The blend of aromas and flavors make for a wonderfully balanced wine.
Walnut Street Winery Berry Sinful“Berry Sinful” Our light, refreshing Strawberry White Zinfandel wine flirts with your tongue, as you taste essences of strawberry and melon. Pairs well with spicy foods such as Asian or Latin cuisine.